Pacific Coast University reaches a milestone with installment of Founding Chancellor, Honourable Wayne G. Wouters, PC
RATIO wrote this on Mar 10, 2016

The Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences in Port Alberni, British Columbia is the world’s only workplace health sciences university. The facility,  a not-for-profit educational and research institution was established through an act of the provincial legislature. It  has a focus on workplace safety, health promotion, disability leadership studies and more. Recently, the university met a milestone with the instalment of Founding Chancellor, the Honourable Wayne G Wouters.  Wolfgang Zimmermann, President of PCU-WHS: “We are very pleased to welcome Wayne Wouters, a highly experienced and accomplished national and international leader to the University. He brings a wealth of practical knowledge, strategic vision and successful project execution to this valued position. Installation of the founding Chancellor completes the initial University establishment process and we are confident that his long-term commitment towards better socio-economic outcomes for workers, employers and our society at large will play a key role in building the University as a critical knowledge generator in all aspects of Workplace Health.”  Click here to watch and listen to an interview with Chancellor Wayne Wouters .

RATIO’s history with the university started when  chosen by PCU-WHS to develop a site master plan and to design the first building based on a mutual devotion to this outstanding cause. Our work was completed in 2011.  Read more about the PCU-WHS project here.

The University’s physical construction was made possible through funding support of not only the Government of Canada but also a broad cross section of provincial governments, employers, unions, and providers from across Canada and internationally, in addition to a generous 3.5 acre land donation by the City of Port Alberni. Our work gave the client and the community a project to rally around. Seen as a huge boon for the formerly resource-based local economy, the PCU-WHS brought community and government groups together, including traditional political opponents. Site planning was driven by the need to set structures back from a salmon bearing stream to the south, and to allow for both north and westward future expansion of the campus. The primary building is constructed with regional materials and designed to accommodate a second floor expansion in the future.

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About Pacific Coast University for Workplace Health Sciences: The primary values inherent in this University are a strong commitment to a safer work environment and the integration of disabled workers into the workforce through advanced education and research knowledge. For more information, visit

Full Pacific Coast University press release here.