The design sketch: a synthesis of insights
RATIO wrote this on Jun 17, 2015

We often hand draw our initial designs as a way to convey our ideas. It is the sketch that can form the visual connection to the thought, or the spoken idea.

Why hand draw a design?  In this age of digital tools, is it really necessary? We like to sketch our ideas as they help to clarify , communicate and define the design solution. The sketch can show the form, scale, materiality, and elevation. A sketch can demonstrate intent, how light and space would interact.  A sketch can show way-finding, movement and detail, both macro and micro.  For our clients, this can becomes a point of understanding, that after the conversations, needs analysis and fact finding, that the creative solution exists and can be created.

Our process is creative, collaborative and innovative, but backed by pragmatic business reason. The hand sketch is a tool. It is a step between the insights gathered in the pre-design phase and  a schematic design.  It is a visual synthesis of the data and project goals.

See how the project sketch above, created for the Britannia Mine Museum, was translated into the built environment.

At RATIO we approach projects with creative energy, trust, innovation and results based solutions.

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