Canada’s Top 100 biggest infrastructure projects
Ratio wrote this on Jan 23, 2015

Recently, a list of Canada’s Top 100 biggest  infrastructure projects  worth $157.9 billion was published by ReNew Canada Magazine.  (Top 100 infrastructure list here )  The controversial Site C Dam project took the top spot on the  list, valued at  $8.775 billion.  British Columbia was reported as having 21 of the 100 projects identified, worth $30.7 billion and coming in as the number 2 province as far as the Top 100 biggest infrastructure projects go.  Included in this list, is  BC Hydro’s ambitious Ruskin Generating Station project (#64 on the list), a machine age hydroelectric station, still producing power but needing numerous upgrades to meet modern operating standards. RATIO is part of BC Hydro’s team on this complex, and interesting project. The Ruskin Generating Station has a historic role in British Columbia, significance to local and First Nations residents, and 1930’s Art Deco architecture. Read more about the Ruskin  project here  and  in a previous RATIO News post focusing on the Ruskin project.

Not surprising, energy projects dominated the Canada-wide list. The Top 100 includes 31 energy project, 21 transportation projects, 17 transit, 21 buildings, five water/wastewater, two each of carbon capture and remediation, and one waste management. Within the energy project category are 14 hydroelectric projects, nine transmission, three natural gas, three wind, one nuclear, and one coal project.

RATIO’s  history with  infrastructure projects include a long line of prominent government, industrial and hydroelectric projects including Pacific Highway Border Crossing, Revelstoke Dam (shown in the photo above), Kootenay Canal and Peace Canyon Dams and Generating Stations. Less prominent, but equally important to our communities are our projects like East Langley Pump Station, Iona Water Treatment Plant, Kanaka Creek Watershed and Ladysmith Water Treatment Plant.

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