Kanaka Creek Watershed project to offer sustainable stewardship model
Ratio wrote this on Sep 11, 2014

Kanaka Creek in Maple Ridge is a beautiful, natural setting, home to an abundance of native plants and wildlife like herons, tailed frogs and bears. Our current work is a new facility where program areas of multi-use space administrative areas are designed in a campus-like setting.  RATIO’s design challenges convention by pulling the program areas apart and engaging the site in a distinctly personal yet sustainable way.

New project design renderings  can be found here. 

Every aspect of the project seeks to touch the ground lightly. The traditional building as a single artifact and destination in the park is pulled apart, integrating the outdoor space and creating connectivity between buildings and the surrounding environment while keeping developed area to a minimum. Partially funded by the local community, the Centre is designed as a replicable model  easily expanded for watershed stewardship, sustainability, education and grassroots engagement.

Imagine a venue dedicated to education, stewardship and community engagement in one of the most ecologically diverse parks in the Metro Vancouver region; imagine a new Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre.  This unique campus design will incorporate the existing Bell-Irving Hatchery, a stewardship building and the unique outdoor learning environment offered by Kanaka Creek Regional Park and its ecosystems.

The Pacific Parklands Foundation needs community help to complete phase 2 of the project, the Stewardship Building. More than half of the funding has been raised. Click here for more project and donation information.