Suburban infrastructure enhances community setting
RATIO wrote this on Aug 06, 2015

Buildings housing necessary infrastructure, are an important aspect of how our communities function. Increasing density, and spreading suburban communities puts infrastructure in our neighborhoods where we live, work and play.  Although not public, these facilities are a visible part of the public landscape and community. As such, they are deserving of attention to detail.

This subject, of suburban infrastructure in our backyards, is a contemporary issue that is a result  of  increasing urbanization and population growth. As designers of the solution, the architect must address infrastructure function of course, but balance with social sensitivity and community mindedness. The Brawn Water Pump Station in Langley, BC is a practical and beautiful example of how infrastructure can co-exist in our communities. See our Brawn project file here

Our client,  the Township of Langley,  had some fun with this project, creating a  photo evolution of their new  pump station.

RATIO is a design leader in some of our country’s most important public institutions and infrastructure.  You’ll find our infrastructure projects in communities around the province.

Here is a sampling  of our infrastructure work:

Rithet Reservoir

Ruskin Generating Station

Pacific Highway Border Crossing

Stave Falls Visitor Centre

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