Just published: Achieving results-based tenant improvements
RATIO wrote this on Nov 01, 2017

Canadian Property Management Magazine just published thoughts from RATIO principal Christopher Pollard on how choosing the right design firm for your tenant improvement will ensure successful and lasting results. Read the article, “Achieving results-based tenant improvements” here.

The goals of the business, the type of business, employee profiles, and definition of success all feed into the design of a successful workspace tenant improvement project. Because it is an investment in a company’s future, insisting on design decisions that will enable positive business results is a wise approach:

1. The design of the physical space has a direct impact on stimulating ideas.

2. Providing visual and acoustic privacy supports employee cognitive processing and idea development.

3. A safe, supportive and empowering workplace creates the social environment in which collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas thrive.

Considerations for choosing a design firm:

” Choosing a results-based design firm to help with a tenant improvement project means they will work to understand your company values and what is important to your customers. From the first meeting, they should develop an explicit understanding of what your organization is trying to achieve with your workplace transformation.”

“A designer who works collaboratively with your team and incorporates strategies such as visioning sessions and peer engagement will minimize employee stress and resistance.”

“During the construction phase, a full service design firm works as your advocate, reviewing work on site, proactively managing changes and vetting contractors’ progress draws.”

Keep your business operational during your TI:

“Setting expectations early with all stakeholders, having everyone involved or aware of the solid business case supporting the changes being undertaken (spending capital now to improve business, working environment and customer experience); and clear, early communication where unforeseen circumstances arise is vital.”

10 tips to achieve a result-based tenant improvement project:

1. Choose a design partner who has expertise in change management.

2. Build an internal project team for decision-making.

3. Involve your design partner early on – ideally before the lease decision is made.

4. Select a design partner that can provide a start-to-finish solution. The process should start with information gathering and analysis: everything from current workplace environment, operational efficiencies, overarching corporate goals for the future, marketplace competitors, and brand.

5. Engage a value-driven design partner who brings leadership, creativity and project management to the project.

6. Design with flexibility in mind so workplace can easily evolve to changing needs.

7. Leverage sustainability benchmarking to ensure a healthy work environment.

8. Get clarity on the goals of your tenant improvement or renovation.

9. Evaluate the disruption to your business to mitigate negative impact.

10. Use best practices for workspace design that includes considerations for productivity, flexibility, competition, collaboration and workplace health into the future.

So, how can employers create space that serves the diverse needs of worker demographics and culture while inspiring creative collaboration and productivity? Be clear on your tenant improvement objectives. Leverage the experience of a design partner who focuses on understanding and gathering insights first for better results-based design decisions.

Link to the Canadian Property Management article here: https://www.reminetwork.com/articles/achieving-results-based-tenant-improvements/

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