Workspace design: how to enhance productivity & stimulate creativity
RATIO wrote this on Jul 30, 2015

Workspace Design: Part 1

Employers need workspace design solutions that will provide a variety of options that are directly suited to varied work style requirements. And, more important than just designing an attractive workspace is getting the right space for the business. The goals of the business, the type of business, employee profiles, and definition of success all feed into the design of a successful workspace.

So, how can employers create space that serves the diverse needs of worker demographics and culture while inspiring creative collaboration and productivity? This issue has been the focus of extensive research showing a number of workspace strategies that have been shown to be effective.

Effective workspace design must:

> Suit the needs of the task;

  > Support employee well-being;

> Provide for a variety of physical postures;

  > Provide both private and collaborative spaces;

 > Empower employee choice;

> Reduce workplace stressors;

  > Control unwanted sound and visual distractions;

  > Provide for impromptu interaction.


Have a need to change your workspace or want to discuss the options? We’d love to understand your workspace challenges and deliver a results based design. Contact Christopher Pollard at RATIO or call 604-682-6881.

A few RATIO  workspace design projects:

Function, with beautiful design on Vancouver Island:  Interior workspace design

Community library interior illustrates inviting and energizing space with dynamic wayfinding

Design solution  featuring open, engaging space that promotes staff interaction and personal service for customers


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