Not just more space, the right workspace for a boutique law firm
RATIO wrote this on Jul 05, 2017

Workspace design to reflect our client’s brand and growing business.

Our client, Legacy Tax & Trust Lawyers, is a mid-size boutique law firm in Vancouver. With a need for more space and an impending lease expiration,  Legacy’s  partners sought RATIO’s expertise to help envision possibilities in prospective locations and then choose the right space. Ultimately the firm moved into an enhanced workspace environment designed by RATIO to meet their 10-year growth plan.  The result: a flexible, well-appointed office that feels comfortable to clients,  with functional and attractive workspace for staff and partners.


The challenge: how to plan a new workspace for ten years out?

Legacy’s new lease on 16,000 sq. ft. previously occupied space in downtown Vancouver  required a design and fit plan that elevated their brand and created productive workspace that would meet business growth plans.

The solution:  workspace design, elevated

For Legacy, the right real estate decision and insightful design solution for their office was the result of the trust and confidence they had in RATIO.

Ratio did a lot of work for us before we signed our lease and in fact before we’d even landed on the space we were going to rent,  to help us envision the possibilities in the different spaces we were contemplating. They were extremely patient as we considered different spaces and helped us to see options for our space that would not have otherwise been obvious to us. By the time we were in a position where we had to enter into contract with an architecture and design firm, there was no question that it would be Ratio as by that point they had our complete trust and confidence.” Amy Francis, Partner, Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers

With the understanding of our client’s planned growth trajectory for the next decade and detailed needs analysis in hand, RATIO developed a design solution for the new space (click to view project photos).

A thorough understanding of business processes and functional requirements for partners and staff led to flexible and pragmatic design decisions that provide the client with a beautifully modern office and accommodation for growing practice areas.  Like completing a puzzle, the new space was created by reworking existing individual offices and meeting rooms to accommodate current and future growth.  This workspace tenant improvement project incorporated value-based decisions:  reusing existing marble floors, oak millwork and doors from the previous tenant on other floors were repurposed and reimagined. These actions saved valuable materials from the landfill and were a cost effective solution.  The end result; a striking office and work space, delivered on time, on budget.

They made our offices more beautiful and more functional, which is good for business and for employee morale.” Amy Francis, Partner, Legacy Tax + Trust Lawyers

We worked with Legacy for over a year ahead of construction, reviewing potential lease spaces that would accommodate a 10 year growth plan. Inevitably the firm moved into a 16,000 sq. ft. space from  the previous 11k sq. ft. space. Detailed needs analysis and growth projections were key, as was the  re-use and reinvention  of high quality materials such as doors and panels.”   Christopher Pollard, Partner, RATIO


At RATIO,  we believe that successful projects are based on collaboration and regular communication. For clients, workspace renovations & tenant improvements are easier when the project is well-managed, and they are informed on cost estimates, budgets, timing, finish levels, and responsibilities.

Distinctive Thinking: Workspace Design

Build an internal project team for decision-making

Involve your design partner early on – ideally before the lease decision is made

Get clarity on the goals of your tenant improvement or renovation

Evaluate the disruption to your business to mitigate negative impact

Use best practices for workspace design that includes considerations for productivity, flexibility, competition, collaboration and workplace health into the future

Engage a value-driven design partner who brings leadership, creativity & project management to the project

Thinking of a move or a realignment of your current space?  Give us a call.

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The right office design from plan to success


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