Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union
Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union
Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union
Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union
Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union

As we designed this new, flagship branch, we also set the template and design system for all future locations.

We shared a three-part vision for this project with our clients: create a new branch that represents their unique relationship with the Shuswap region, build using regional materials and sustainable principles, and create a blueprint for the future of their brand and branches.

The planning, materials and form are inspired by the natural and manmade characteristics of the site’s surroundings. The long angular green roof reaches up to the sky and organizes the entire building along the active pedestrian street front. Superior energy performance was achieved with the introduction of “earth tubes” that use the ground below to aid in both heating and cooling of the building.

The predominant use of wood was instrumental in this project. In addition to offsetting the building’s carbon footprint, the use of wood and wood systems allowed the project to use a very local labour pool of carpenters, trades and skill that contributed directly to the local manufacturing, supply chains and business of the interior of BC economy.


Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union

Project Personnel

Mike Mammone, Robert Church, Seamus Harte


Salmon Arm, BC



Project Size

24,000 sq.ft.


  • BC Wood Design 2014 - Architect Award
  • BC Wood Design 2014 - Commercial Wood Design Award
  • SICA Thompson Okanagan Building Awards 2014 - Best Retail