Triangle Island is located approx. 46 km NW off the Northern tip of Vancouver Island, BC. It is home to about two million birds and is one of the most sensitive ecosystems in North America. Annually a small team of environmental scientists and researchers visit this remote island to study how a changing climate and ocean is affecting seabirds ability to find food and survive. 

PSPC, Parks Canada and Environment Canada wished to replace the existing cabin on the Island which was constructed in 1994 and had significantly deteriorated due to extreme local weather conditions, which include high winds heavy precipitation, long foggy periods and salt spray. Ratio proposed a replacement cabin of approximately the same size, in the same location and constructed with robust materials to ensure a long service life. Special measures were taken to minimize any effects on avian or other wildlife and to have minimal impact on the land which is an important First Nations site. 

As access to this remote site is limited and weather conditions unpredictable, the cabin was designed to be partially pre-fabricated off site and the use of concrete was avoided. Micro-pile foundations were incorporated into the design to minimize site disturbance and allow for quick installation. Sustainability and longevity were key components and driving factors for design and material choice. Robust materials with minimal maintenance were selected as the cabin is only inhabited for the summer months. Materials and construction detailing were carefully considered to accommodate the difficult transportation to site by ship / helicopter and ease of construction under harsh weather conditions. 

Ratio worked closely with the client group and sub-consultant team to ensure that the clients expectations for the project were met, sustainability and environmental goals achieved and deadlines adhered to. Ratio successfully coordinated, designed and managed this project from schematic design through remote construction administration to close out documentation.