Vancity Chinatown Branch
Vancity North Burnaby Community Branch
Vancity Mount Tolmie Community Branch

Our partner for over 50 years, we provide consulting and design services across all aspects of Vancity’s business.

Vancity is Canada’s largest community credit union and a leader in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. As a partner who shares the same values and vision, Ratio has been working with Vancity for over fifty years, providing integrated consulting across their business.

We are responsible for the planning and design of all new and renovated Vancity branches and offices, ensuring that every space respects its context and location while staying true to the credit union’s brand values. In addition, we consult on operational models, brand and identity integration, considerations around prospective markets, sustainability issues and accessibility initiatives.

In recent years, we’ve worked with Vancity on a number of branches that have achieved LEED ratings including Mount Tolmie on Vancouver Island, Lynn Creek in North Vancouver, Burnaby Heights, and Shaughnessy Station in Port Coquitlam.