At West Vancouver Memorial Library we have provided numerous small projects upgrading all library facilities and features. These have included necessary seismic upgrades, collections and planning programming, innovative technology spaces and main entry upgrades.

At Gertrude Lawson House, work began in the late 1990’s at rehabilitating and re-purposing the heritage building into a modern gallery space housing the District’s Art, Architecture and Design Museum. This work included replanning and reorganizing the lower space into public gallery space, as well as building system upgrades. Ratio developed an innovative addition to the small museum providing much needed storage space and a modern statement along with numerous other small upgrades and maintenance projects.

This work is a great example of Ratio’s ability to think in different modes while satisfying numerous complementary uses with innovation and creativity for our municipal client. All projects deserve thought, creative energy and leadership. We do this by developing sound ideas with affordable budgets using proven methods and approach’s that reinforce our clients vision, needs and requirements in their cultural assets.