RATIO’s work featured in 2016 Retail Banking Branch Design Showcase
RATIO wrote this on Apr 05, 2016

Along with other financial brands featured from around the world, the Financial Brand’s 2016 photo gallery of  banking branch design concepts includes only 2 from Canada.  Both are based in BC and designed by RATIO.

Here is what the Financial Brand had to say about our credit union branch design projects for Island Savings and Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union.

Island Savings – Naturally Sophisticated

This design palette for this branch draws heavily on natural materials, combining wood and glass to create a slightly upscale sense of sophistication. Despite all the hard surfaces, it still has a warm and welcoming feeling.

Salmon Arm Savings – Contemporary Lodge

The planning, materials and form are inspired by the natural and manmade characteristics of the site’s surroundings. The long angular green roof reaches up to the sky and organizes the entire building along the active pedestrian street front. Superior energy performance was achieved with the introduction of “earth tubes” that use the ground below to aid in both heating and cooling of the building.”

Island Savings and SASCU: projects with communities  and the future in mind

The Island Savings project included defining a new operational model and a branch-wide rebrand, using theoretical models to forecast requirements across a diverse set of communities and developing a consistent design concept for all current and future locations. The redesigned branches utilize regional materials with sustainability in mind. As importantly, they are designed for clarity, transparency and serve as a catalyst for building healthy communities.

With Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union’s flagship branch, RATIO set the template and design system for all future locations.  The predominant use of wood was instrumental in this project. In addition to offsetting the building’s carbon footprint, the use of wood and wood systems allowed the project to use a very local labour pool of carpenters, trades, and skill that contributed directly to the local manufacturing, supply chains and business of the interior of BC economy.

RATIO has deep expertise in working with credit unions.

Our team  has provided architectural, interior design and planning services to credit unions for over 50 years.  See our Distinctive Thinking piece on  how Credit Union community branch design helps deliver on brand promise and high-value transactions. Recent and ongoing projects include: Island Savings Branch of the Future, award winning design on the downtown branch of Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union, refresh of Greater Vancouver Community Credit Union’s brand and branch template, integrated consulting on all Vancity branches and the  forward-thinking branch concept  for First West Credit Union through their Envision Financial brand.

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