Land border crossing design; Aldergrove Port of Entry
Land border crossing design; Aldergrove Port of Entry
Land border crossing design; Aldergrove Port of Entry
Land border crossing design; Aldergrove Port of Entry

Design decisions for a secure land border port of entry facility can answer the dual need for high quality, welcoming impressions for visitors and returning citizens with the need for commercial trucking traffic and transactions. The Aldergrove Port  Entry is the second busiest U.S.-Canada commercial crossing in British Columbia.

This Canada Border Services Agency major border crossing  project at Aldergrove includes a 1200 sqm domestic  port facility and an 900 sqm commercial port building along with various other ancillary structures across a 1.8 ha site. Our  most recent project for CBSA, now complete and operational in late December 2015, is a  $17 million facility built to accommodate domestic and commercial vehicle traffic, public transportation and handle goods entering the country. The entire facility utilizes on-site storm water management, high efficiency mechanical systems, LED lighting systems, uses passive daylight and an approach that considers long term durable needs of a necessary public safety building.

Architecturally, the project is anchored by a very intimate use of natural Canadian materials.   Manitoba tyndell stone and numerous Canadian species of wood deliver a  strong, warm environment for visitors and citizens. The varying stone depths complemented with a cementitious panel break down the mass of the buildings and serve to connect and unify the various architectural elements across the numerous facades and aspects.  The overall aim was to provide a unique and welcoming facility in the CBSA portfolio that stands as a proud symbol of Canada, for incoming residents, visitors, and commercial traffic.

Ratio has acted as architect and prime consultant on many ports of entry projects across BC on behalf of Canada Border Services Agency and Public Works & Government Services Canada. Our work is based on a firm understanding of border protection needs, security and a long history of service towards the federal agencies that are responsible for both building and operating public facilities.


Public Works & Government Services Canada / Canada Border Services Agency


Aldergrove, BC


November 2015

Project Value

$17 million

Project Size