Merry Island
Cape Scott

British Columbia’s iconic Light Stations have been guiding ships since 1860. Today there are 27 staffed Light Stations with their recognizable red and white towers and assortment of buildings. 

Ratio was engaged by Fisheries and Oceans Canada to conduct an in-depth review and assessment of the existing conditions of buildings at numerous staffed Light Stations. Ratio provided FOC with detailed documentation of findings and from these made recommendations to FOC as to the extent of renovation advisable at each site – roof replacement, window replacement, envelope remediation, full renovation etc. Ratio sought to renovate these existing structures to ensure they are capable of withstanding the harsh elements of BC’s coastal weather. Durability, sustainability, cost, minimal maintenance and low energy consumption were at the forefront of assessment, recommendations and design. 

Ratio sought to introduce elements that respond to the harsh conditions of the BC coast while the material pallet reflects the existing character of the buildings and the FOC brand.