Recognizing the spirit of cooperation & community on International Credit Union Day
RATIO wrote this on Oct 19

On this International Credit Union day we’d like to do a shout out to the credit unions in our communities for their ongoing service pledge to their members and communities. The RATIO team has been privileged to work with credit unions for over 50 years.

From the Canadian Credit Union Association:

Canadian credit unions celebrate positive impact on community and economy on International Credit Union Day

Credit unions are grounded in the prosperity of and quality of life in the communities they serve. Locally, this spirit drives community and economic impact and inspires innovative approaches to everyday banking. This year’s theme for ICU day in Canada is #better. The Canadian Credit Union Association released its 2017 Credit Union Community & Economic Report, which celebrates Canada’s credit unions and caisses populaires as fundamentally different than other financial institutions.

Read the  CCUA’s Report here which highlights other key differentiators between Canada’s credit unions and top financial institutions.”

International Credit Union (ICU) Day® celebrates the spirit of the global credit union movement. The day is recognized to reflect upon the credit union movement’s history, promote its achievements, recognize the hard work and share member experiences. International Credit Union (ICU) Day® has been celebrated on the third Thursday of October since 1948.



The RATIO team has provided architectural, interior design and planning services to credit unions for over 50 years.  Recent and ongoing projects include the re-imagined Island Savings branch network, award-winning design on the downtown branch of Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union, refresh of Greater Vancouver Community Credit Union’s brand and branch template. RATIO provides integrated consulting on all Vancity branches and the forward-thinking branch concept for First West Credit Union through their Envision Financial brand.

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Metro Vancouver recognized: Building with wood at Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre
RATIO wrote this on Oct 06

Metro Vancouver was one of a number of municipalities that was  recognized by Wood WORKS! BC for their use of wood both architecturally and structurally in their community projects.

The Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre located in Maple Ridge, and part of Metro Vancouver’s park network that opened earlier this year. The RATIO-designed space was developed in conjunction with community groups and Metro Vancouver.

Click here for the full release.

The Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre is in a unique, ecologically diverse setting.  Located on an elevated patch of grass amongst a grove of trees and intersecting with natural paths into and around the Kanaka Creek regional parkland area. The new Centre is part of a project that seeks to re-naturalize the fringes of a floodplain along the south bank of Kanaka Creek. The facility and overall site offers interpretive areas and educational opportunities for watershed management, the local ecosystem diversity and nature conservation.

In the works for years, the RATIO-designed Centre is intended as an immersive and highly engaging place for visitors with a strong connection to the natural environment. Project funding came from Metro Vancouver, Pacific Salmon Foundation, Shell FuellingChange, KEEPS, Vancity and a bequest from the late George Ross. Pacific Parklands Foundation, a non-profit society established to support Metro Vancouver’s Regional Parks system, played a key role in fundraising.

Learn more about the Kanaka Creek Watershed Stewardship Centre.

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